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Established in 1983, New York City’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center empowers people to lead healthy, successful lives. The Center celebrates diversity and advocates for justice and opportunity.

Since our founding, The Center has been fully committed to providing HIV and AIDS services to our community. We offer free, rapid HIV testing; counseling for individuals, groups, couples and families; plus a variety of events, speakers and social gatherings for positive people and their loved ones.

We continue to demonstrate this commitment in all aspects of our work today. In 2015, Executive Director Glennda Testone served on New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Ending the Epidemic Task Force. The resulting plan, the Governor’s Blueprint on Ending the AIDS Epidemic, includes vital work that The Center does every day to support the community and ultimately end AIDS.

The Center fosters a welcoming environment where everyone is celebrated for who they are. We offer the LGBT communities of NYC health and wellness programs; arts, entertainment and cultural events; substance use recovery, wellness, parenthood and family support services.

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The story of AIDS isn’t over, but it can be.
What will you do to end AIDS?