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The Heart and Soul of The Ride.

When our predecessors were organizing AIDS protests in the 1980s and 1990s, not every activist stormed the floor of the FDA or marched for miles. Volunteers who painted posters, made sandwiches and managed logistics were essential to every demonstration’s success.

Our Crew teams are essential, too. Crew are the heart and soul of The Ride.  For three days these amazing people dedicate their time and energy to make sure the Riders are safe, fed, hydrated, and happy. This includes, but is definitely not limited to, designing creative themes for rest stops, pouring water, parking bicycles, picking up exhausted Riders, giving high-fives, leading cheers (lots and lots of cheers!) and generally being the very visible soul of The Ride.

If you’re passionate about giving high-fives (and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches) – or if riding a bike 275 miles just doesn’t sound like your kind of party – and you want to be front and center in the Cycle for the Cause community, then register for Crew!  If you have questions, visit our FAQ section or contact the Crew Coordinator.

Join the Crew today.