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You Can Do This!

We get it: fundraising sounds intimidating. Most of us had never raised money before joining Cycle for the Cause, and the thought of a “fundraising minimum” sent a shiver down our spine. But – and you probably already know how this story ends – with the support of the Cycle for the Cause community, our Team Captains, and the Cycle for the Cause fundraising staff, every year our Riders and Crew exceed their fundraising minimums (and expectations!).  So far we’ve raised more than $12 million! Fundraisers who go above and beyond have the chance to earn great Cycle for the Cause swag. Check out our fundraising incentives to learn more.

Fundraising Minimums

Rider (ages 18-29) $2000 minimum

Rider (ages 30+) $2750 minimum

Crew (all ages) $500 minimum

Just like riding a bike, fundraising is a skill that can be learned (really, we promise!)

The tips and tools you’ll find here are a great place to start.  Check out our calendar for upcoming fundraising workshops, where you’ll get a deep dive into fundraising best practices from experienced Riders, Cycle for the Cause fundraising experts and industry leaders. For more personalized help with your fundraising plan, contact the Cycle for the Cause Coordinator or your Team Captain.

2018 Top Fundraisers

Cycle for the Cause is proud of and grateful for our participants who go above and beyond to reach the $5K and $10K fundraising clubs, in addition to our all-star Crew fundraisers.

$10K Fundraisers

Team Stein | Mitchell & David
Benoit Bosc
Barry Friedeman
Alexandria Dropp
Kevin Cathcart and Mayo Schreiber
Carlos Rodriguez
Kathy Robinson

$5K Fundraisers

Will Higdon-Sudow
Njeri Nginyo
Jon Morrow
Jonathan Allen & Jay Birdwell
Nicholas Smith
Jan Siegmund
Miles Tyrrell
Jordan Traxler
Harry Kastenbaum
Matt Zales
Marcus Woollen
Kyle McDaniel

$750 Crew Fundraisers

Peter Schwartz
Rick Weber
Lizzy Schulzinger
Jenny DeVaughn and Chris Wolstenholme
Alexa Fischer
Amar Sidhu
Tondrea Scourten-Williams
Barry Brown
Tywana Minor
Brittany Dalonges
Charles Seigerman