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For 33 years, The Center has been the heart and home of New York City’s LGBT community, and a leader in providing comprehensive, community-based HIV and AIDS prevention and education.  Today, The Center continues to lead the fight to end AIDS, and the programs and services we provide are key components of the plan to get to zero new HIV transmissions by 2020.

Just how related are The Center and the plan to end AIDS? The Center’s Executive Director, Glennda Testone (pictured, far right), served on New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Ending the Epidemic Task Force, and Governor Cuomo announced the resulting Blueprint on Ending the AIDS Epidemic from The Center’s steps on April 29, 2015.

When you participate in or donate to Cycle for the Cause, the funds are earmarked specifically for The Center’s HIV/AIDS programs and services (this is known as “restricted funds,” meaning the money can only be used for this purpose).  We know that participating in Cycle for the Cause is no small undertaking – but take a minute to consider the impact you will make.

With every $100 you raise or donate, you:

  • Help to prevent 7 potential HIV transmissions by distributing safer sex kits to at-risk LGBT youth and adults
  • Allow the Center to administer 8 free, rapid HIV tests, ensuring that more people are empowered to know their status
  • Provide referrals to care for 10 HIV+ people, to help them lead happy, healthy lives