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When you sign up to crew for Cycle for the Cause, the C4C team will work with you to find the best fit for your comfort and ability.   With so many great roles to choose from, you’ll be sure to have a blast no matter what team you’re on. Contact the Crew Coordinator for more details.

This fleet of passenger vans works in tandem. Each team (a driver and a navigator) circulates throughout the route providing pick-ups and emotional support to fatigued Riders (and their bikes) needing assistance getting to the next Rest Stop. Each member should be adept as both a driver and navigator of a 15-passenger van (or similar vehicle), have a valid driver’s license with good driving record and should be able to lift 30+ lbs.

Crew Transport
These Crew provide safe transportation and support for other key crew roles, like our Bike Techs and Route Advance Lead, along the route each day. Each should be a confident driver, have a valid driver’s license and be comfortable driving a SUV (or similar vehicle) equipped with a bike rack. When not transporting, they are often jumping in to help Rest Stop Crew or other Crew teams. Should be able to lift 30+ lbs and stand for extended periods.

Route Closure
A great role for a pair of best buds or a couple, these folks would follow at least a mile behind the last Rider/caboose Rider each day in a vehicle while taking down all route arrows and signs. While they may miss the beginning of dinner programming each evening, a later start and getting to cheer the riders off each morning is a plus. Should be able to follow road directions/GPS well, have a valid driver’s license and be both comfortable driving and navigating. Should be able to lift 30+ lbs and stand for extended periods.

Rest Stops, Pit Stops & Lunch
Although these are often demanding roles, they are where much of the magic happens—these Crew support every single Rider on the Ride. Each team is responsible for the setup, food/hydration distribution, bike parking, traffic control and clean-up at each location. These teams are the first to leave in the morning and often the last to return to the hotel at night. Should be able to lift 30+ lbs and stand for extended periods.

This team works closely with staff to create a welcoming and interactive experience for participants at our host hotels. Tasks include hotel check in, luggage room organization, and supporting staff with signage and onsite set up. Members of this team should be customer service oriented, able to lift 30+ lbs and stand for extended periods. 

Gear Crew ensures our host hotels are ready to receive riders each day! This includes setting up the bike rack area, setup/breakdown of the hydration station, and loading all luggage into trucks each morning, and then offloading it all in the assigned area each afternoon. Members of this team must be able to lift at least 50+ lbs and stand for extended periods.

Composed of a variety of medical professionals, including MDs, LPNs, RNs, EMTs and paramedics, this team provides basic first aid medical support at each of the Rest Stops and Lunch Stops along the route and at the hotels in the evenings. They will manage any emergency situations that arise, until local EMS/Paramedics arrive on the scene. Must provide license/certification and proof of medical liability insurance. Should be able to lift 30+ lbs and stand for extended periods.

Bike Tech
This mobile team provides basic bike repair assistance at any point along the route. Techs will also support Riders each morning before hitting the route and each evening at the hotel. This team is in constant communication with staff, Sweep and each other to make sure our Riders are moving safely through the route. Must be a skilled bike technician with experience knowing the in’s and outs of most bike types and their parts Should be able to lift 30+ lbs and stand for extended periods. .

Motorcycle Safety
This team works with staff and local law enforcement to guarantee safe passage for Riders along each day’s route, assisting at difficult intersections and other locations as requested. Team members must provide their own motorcycle and helmet, as well as possess a valid motorcycle license and insurance. Must be able to stand for long periods of time and be comfortable riding solo.

4 Days

275 Miles


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